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Year in Review Video

At work over Christmas and into January I helped put together a “Year in Review” video. I got to do the intro and the animated transitions between the various regions. And I just saw today that it made the homepage of gsa.gov….and here’s the proof and a link to the...

Sketch book

Not sure I’ve posted this to our blog – and I’m trying to make this blog a little more of a portfolio as well – so grabbed the link and dropped it here. Hopefully – I can organize this site to make a little better sense – but for now it’s what it is. Sketching to See by Andrew Bywater | Make Your Own...

Portfolio book

2009 Portfolio click FULLSCREEN to see the book nice and BIG!  This is my “RIGHT OUT OF SCHOOL” portfolio – book I created to document my work over the years – and to chase after a new...


A gallery of various architectural renderings I have done. Software used in these renderings include: –AutoCAD –Sketchup –3ds MAX –Rhino –Modo –Photoshop –Piranesi

Dubai Tall Emblem Competition

Combined Entry by Bauer Dermel, AIA + myself. Leap2 is an elegant icon that adds a functional and contemporary showpiece to the emerging cultural center of Dubai.  Approaching the city along its major axes, the proposed structure frames Dubai’s attractive skyline, establishing a prominent entrance to the modern city. The materials, Glass and Titanium, transform through the day in the way it reflects the surrounding environment. The metal and glass skin exhibit a warped form evocative of the valleys and peaks of the surrounding desert. Leap2 represents the future of a country that continues to astonish the world with its bold and creative development. Leap2 will become a destination in its own right, facilitating activity both within the structure and along the adjacent plaza. Inside Leap2, a visitors center, children’s library, café, observation areas, souvenir shops, and conference rooms provide a continuous stream of activity. A place-maker in the public realm, the structure welcomes visitors to explore inside and see Dubai from a totally new and unique set of panoramic views: looking out across the horizon for miles, straight down to the park and surrounding highways below, or above to the sky. Leap2 is built on two bases, anchor points where the structure meets the ground. Base One holds the two story children’s library, and vertical circulation. Fast moving glass elevators will take visitors to the Upper Plaza observation areas. Base Two sinks below ground to house an underground parking deck for at least 30 cars, and above ground contains conference rooms, souvenir shop, a two-story monumental entry, and circulation to the Upper Plaza. Both bases have soaring views...

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