Yes I am still HUGE and pregnant!

I have an appointment for next Wednesday. If I’m still pregnant, I’ll be scheduled to be induced by the end of next week. So at least there is an end in sight! I am wishing that this baby would pop out so my belly would stop getting so large. But at the same time I don’t want him to come until next week so that I’m not home alone with THREE children! Andrew has finals this week and he’s been very busy getting his studio project finished for Monday.

I’ve been having a lot more real contractions the past days, but still only a few at a time with many gaps of time in between! It amazes me how easily you forget all those pains! I was thinking the other day how thankful I am that a pregnancy lasts sooooo long. It really takes that entire TEN months to build up the confidence you need to deliver a baby again! In the beginning you of course wish that it only lasted a couple months. But in all reality if your belly popped out huge in the very beginning you would have a complete melt down. Seeing your body transformed this way takes lots of time to adjust and accept! I was also thinking about the “giving birth” part…that if that also happened quickly in the beginning of your pregnancy you would NEVER have another child. But because it takes so long you completely forget all the pains and uncomfortable situations that go into having a baby…and by the time it’s time to have it you don’t care who or what is delivering you as long as they get your baby out so you can breathe again! I am finally to that point!