After 2 almost all nighters (reminded us of art school!) – Robyn and I put on a pretty great party for our BIG MAN!  6 years old!  Like many (any aged) boys – Oliver is in LOVE with Star Wars…so we threw a great Star Wars themed party – filled with Jedi Robes, light sabers, pod races, destroy the death star and even a quick visit from Darth Vader!

We put together some fun invitations – here’s the “print” version…followed by a link to an online version.  Had some fun learning some new (nerdy) web animation techniques…even works on the iPad!

The kids had a ton of fun – first going through an obstacle course where they earned their robes and light sabers,

followed by several different stations where they tested their skills and earned Jedi tokens.

We then broke out the fire pit and roasted some hot dogs and then ate the light saber cupcakes.

Oliver was pretty well celebrated!