So it’s funny to me how quickly our every day activities become so boring and no fun at all. So as a mother of THREE I am continually trying to come up with new ideas to add a little SPICE to our everyday activites.

For instance; Taking a bath is usually a fun event, but for some reason it was the worst thing I could have asked them to do at the time…so instead of giving into their whining and complaining I decided to try something new! We grabbed a flashlight and headed upstairs for our new adventure! Sophia and Oliver LOVED having a flashlight bath and were actually very quiet and calm the whole time. Instead of jumping up and down like two large fish in a bucket of water. Something so small made me happy, and my darling children happy.

Another every day activity is reading stories before nap/quiet time and before bedtime. This is ALWAYS something all of them LOVE to do. But lately they’ve been having a hard time putting their books away. So we rearranged some things trying to organize and declutter their room…and we moved their small bookcase under the bunkbed, next to Oliver’s bed. Immediately it became a LIBRARY…and all of a sudden, putting books away was a treat! The bookcase is the perfect height so they can hand books from the outside of the bunkbed through to the “librarian” on the other side. They are so adorable when they play make-believe like this…I love it!

Mealtime can also be a BORING activity that is easily spiced up by pretending we’re in a restaurant. They both LOVE when we act as their waiters and take their order, bring their drinks, etc… They both have certain voices they use when ordering, we’ll have to record it sometime! It’s funny how well they behave if they think we’re playing a “game” instead of eating lunch, etc…

I LOVE being a mother.