Happy Anniversary my LOVE!!

I had a WONDERFUL day with you!

Thank you for the FUN!

(Andrew and I had a WONDERFUL anniversary yesterday!  8 years – WOW – crazy how time flies when you’re having fun!!!  Our day started with Andrew giving me a camoflauge fanny pack full of hand creams, lotions and dry skin treatments!!!  (For those of you that don’t know I always have dry finger tips and it bugs me to touch ANYTHING so I am constantly licking them or putting lotion on!…Andrew thinks this is VERY funny and wanted to solve the problem:)  I am thankful to be married to someone who can always make me laugh!  We then went to cracker barrell for breakfast and then to the mall to get Andrew a new tie for graduation (HE GRADUATES ON THE 17TH!!!)…we ended up finding our new favorite store MARTIN + OSA and we both splurged and bought ourselves “grownup graduation” outfits!!!  I am happy to say that I finally after 29 years own my own pair of beautiful heals!!  (I love my boots I brought home from Europe too:) if you can imagine, Sophia was SO EXCITED that I bought them!!!  Back at Dickson’s, Andrew had some beautiful flowers with a sweet note waiting for me!!  It was then off to the ICEPLEX for some romantic low lit ice skating to cheesy 80’s romance music…except that it was fully lit, they were playing grandma got run over by a reindeer and we had our 3 WONDERFUL kids with us!  Sophia, eyeing the young girl skaters doing twists was determined to do it on her own!  AND SHE DID!!  Hopefully that’s something we can do more often, I think she’d really get good at it quick!  A yummy BBQ dinner which we have been craving for 4 months followed by driving through neighborhoods searching for the best christmas lights and home to games and a movie with Dickson’s completed a WONDERFUL 8th anniversary!  Ps…I love you too!)