….alright…those of you who KNOW this is my favorite day of the year already have seen this trick…but it’s all we could think of! Except for our “tricky” cupcakes my dear Sophia wanted to make!!! She already LOVES this holiday, it’s perfect!:)

So first I have to give all of this credit of LOVING this holiday to my Mother! I am sure I did all kinds of funny-tricky things as a kid, especially on this day to my family/friends…but my most memorable year was in the SIXTH GRADE. We had recently moved in the middle of the year from Scottsdale, AZ to Phoenix, AZ so no one truely knew me yet!:) So, I brought cupcakes and told everyone that it was my BIRTHDAY! I watched with eager eyes as they all bit into them delited to have treats (including my teacher) and laughed as their faces quickly changed from excitement to confused as they started chewing a COTTON BALL!!! I of course had regular cupcakes for everyone to enjoy…but will never forget how fun it is to pull jokes on other people…THANK YOU MOM!:)

Having now shared one of my favorite childhood memories, once I became a mother I too wanted to have my children enjoy this holiday (and every holiday)…so we made cupcakes this year…but decided to put gummy-worms inside them instead of cotton balls. Only problem was they completely melted in the oven so we had to cut holes in the middle and insert another worm then cover it back up with the cupcake and cover with icing and sprinkles. Sophia, Oliver and their friend Reed had this same eager face as Reed’s dad was the first to eat one:) Then we took a bunch to Andrew so they could say “April Fool’s” and enjoy more laughter! All of his friends love ANY kind of treats, but were extra nice to indulge my kids on their jokes. Sophia, Oliver and Reed were very funny all day saying silly things like “there’s a bug in your hair…APRIL FOOL’S” then laughing!

I love being able to do fun things with my kids, makes being a mother so much fun!

Happy APRIL FOOL’S to all of you!