Well, yesterday started as a normal day. Preschool in the morning, walk around the neighborhood, lunch, naps. Then during naps I try and get a lot done around the house and fill any graffitiCHIC orders I have, etc… Then after the kids woke up from their naps, we came downstairs and I was holding Oliver (he usually sits on top of my huge belly) and I felt a big gush of water…enough to change! I thought my water broke! Since with the last two they’ve done that in the hospital when I’m fully in a lot of pain, I had no idea of what to expect if it happened at home!

So I called Andrew (who had just finished taking an awful structures final) and asked him how I should know! He laughed at me that I couldn’t tell the difference between my water breaking and me peeing all over myself! So I called my mom to ask her advice. She suggested calling the doctor, since if it had broken, I would need to see a doctor soon! So I called and of course they said to come in.

I don’t like to the feeling of not knowing what’s going on. Probably the worst part of being pregnant! As I waited for Andrew to come home, I nervously cleaned up the house wondering what I needed to do before this baby came home. Then I packed the kids some clothes just in case they needed to spend the night at our friends, the Peterson’s – Sophia by the way was SO EXCITED with the thought of a sleepover! Oliver was just as excited to go play! So we dropped them off and headed to the hospital. I still wasn’t having any contractions or pain so we both figured we’d be going home soon.

After they checked me the conclusion was that I peed all over myself, instead of my water breaking! We were of course disappointed! It would be nice for him to come now, but it was also nice to come home and have some more time with my little baby boy – Oliver! (Sophia stayed the night at our friends…when we got there her first words to us were; “I’m fine, goodbye!” She’s growing up too fast!)

Andrew has suggested that I now pee every hour even if I don’t feel like I need to!:) It was a fun memory. He’ll come when he’s ready. Just hope my body can handle it for two more weeks!