first day of school

This picture pretty well sums up the attitudes of our three biggest this morning…Sophia smiling – super excited to show off her new outfit (especially the boots) –

sophia's boots

Oliver – folding his arms in his nervous stance and Elliot – can’t wait to run home and dig out all of Oliver’s legos and do what ever HE wants with them!

The day started out with Oliver ALMOST getting on the bus – but got a little nervous – so we drove them in, Sophia skipped her way to her class – SO excited about her new teacher that she said tonight is going to be “SUPER DUPER FUN”! Oliver as we thought – latched on tight to our leg and held strong for about 10 mins. Then the teacher kicked us out – and the tears started to flow. From both Robyn and Oliver. We made it home – and about 30 mins later Robyn called the school to check up on our little man – and the nurse walked down and said – “he’s doing great!”…the stress was MOSTLY relieved after that. Turns out he did have a great day, stopped crying as soon as we were gone – and had a really fun day. Most excited by the fact that he was the only one in his class that could do the entire length of the monkey bars! GO OLIVER!!!

And then there was Elliot….for “recess” he wanted to ride his bike – I asked if he wanted to take off his training wheels – and he said SURE! So we did and within 10 mins – he was ZOOMING across the park, through the grass, with his HUGE Elliot grin.  (I’ll link a youtube video here….)

And then to carry on our tradition…a trip to Baskin Robbins (we still haven’t corrected our kids pronunciation …they call it Baskin Robbinsons). We decided next time we need SIX cones instead of FIVE – since Isabel ate all of Momma’s!

All in all – it was a GREAT day – big steps for ALL our kids….even MOMMA!