Sophia’s expression that she might be in school until she’s 30!!  But, I have a feeling she’s smarter than me!

When I rolled over at 5:00am and Sophia was staring at me w/ a HUGE grin on her face – I knew she was just a LITTLE excited for her upcoming day!  Let’s just hope she doesn’t CRASH at 10am!!  After a SUPER crowded drop off, Sophia settled right in and couldn’t WAIT to tell me about the COOKIES her MOMMA packed in her lunch!  She also told me all about the RULES, especially how HORRIBLE it would be if she got her name written on the chalkboard!!  Something tells me we won’t have to worry too much about that with Sophia!

Anyway…Thanks to her Aunt Crystal, Sophia was VERY stylish on her first day!  WHAT A CUTIE!


The boys were pretty excited to have her back home in the afternoon as well!  Such good buddies!

sophia oliver elliot