For all of those that don’t know….

Robyn and my sister, diane, are well on their way to a nice little business. I’m still hoping it will grow to the point of my early retirement!!! But…there’s still a few things that need to fall in place for that to happen! But…possibly by the time I graduate they’ll be making enough to support me!

Their business is based around vinyl cut GRAFFITI. They are able to take any “vector” (line art) based drawing and cut it out of sticky back vinyl. You see this on pretty much ANY storefront/company cars/etc… They have taken this and brought it inside the house. They have seen many companies out there doing similar concepts…but, didn’t like the lack of creativity in their designs. All that was offered were quotes that were only customized based on the fonts available. So…they have created some pretty cool graphics to offset the dull designs currently out there. And as they have started, the ideas are ENDLESS. The latest one they cut that I absolutely love and can’t wait to make for me, are laptop/ipod/xbox skins. Right now they have just done the one laptop for Robyn…


Anyway…their website is quickly coming together. The last MAJOR piece of the puzzle is the online store…which is all setup…just doesn’t look pretty yet!! So, we’re hiding it for another couple weeks, and then will have a grand opening! but, for now there is some good info and a blog to check out the latest happenings and get some good design tips. We were chatting yesterday and the plan for the blog is…Diane will keep everyone up to date on the life of the designers and Robyn will regularly post design tips/ideas, and i’m hoping to setup a random string of these ideas to then be included at the footer of all the emails coming from graffitiCHIC. So for now…check it out.