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The big ONE YEAR old! He took a little bit longer than Sophia to get up and walk…but, I think he’s learned to run WAY faster than Oliver or Sophia…’cause the two monsters in our house chase him all day long!

I’ve got an idea for an “announcement” that I’ve been wanting to make…since we never did send out a birth announcement!! Guess that’s what happens to the THIRD child!! Hopefully I can do it, and make up for not sending anything! I have a feeling there are many of our friends that don’t even know he’s around!

He finally got to open the rest of his presents on Mother’s day…life has been pretty crazy lately with my semester ending, trying to get our house ready to put on the market this week (we’ll post some pictures…our yard is looking amazing!!), and everything else in life that was put on hold while school was in full force!