Going to Hradcanske namesti (Hradcany Square) and Prague Castle was AMAZING! It feels crazy to be here and be able to see all of these things. The buildings and the views across the city are beautiful. I felt like a child at Disney Land…with so much to see, you don’t know where to start! Each day I am amazed that we are here experiencing all of this as a family!

Walking through Hradcany Square twards Prague Castle. You can see Katedrala sv. Vita (St Vitus’s Cathedral) the largest church in Prague. The Castle surrounds this church and has several Palaces surrounding the Castle, plus gardens and vineyards, etc… It’s beautiful!

The kids playing in the Schwarzenbersky palac (Schwarzenberg Palace) as the adults admired the fine sgraffito decoration on its facade…Italian style.

Beatiful view of the city Mala Strana below the Castle grounds. Behind us is the dome and tower of StNicholas.

The kids all sat on the steps watching these guys play their music. The kids soon became the stars of the square as tourists began taking more photos of them then of the musicians! If you see an add with their face on it, let us know…we want the royalties!!!

Paul Thomas Battaglia, Oliver & Sophia looking out over the city.

Sophia and Paul Thomas have become fun friends, especially since they speak the same language! Paul Thomas told his mom and dad that he’s planning on marrying Sophia!! (Watch out Reed…you’ve got some competition!!)

View of Mala Strana within the city of Prague. The tall tower on the left is the Prague Television Tower (or what Oliver calls the “stinky baby tower”…still on our list to see!) way out where we live in Vinohrady. The building on the right is St Nicholas that is just below the Castle gardens.

All of these pictures were before we entered the Castle grounds…in the Hradcany Square that surrounds the Castle. Andrew said I need to stop here, my post is getting too long and it’s time to watch a movie! So stay tuned for more photos and a guided tour through Prague Castle…