kitchen faucet helpers, originally uploaded by The Bywaters.

We finally got around to changing our NASTY, DRIPPING, STAINED kitchen faucet. Sophia and Oliver had tons of fun helping Andrew figure out how to install the new faucet. Oliver was the tool hand and Sophia told them what to do. Feels like we have a new kitchen! I also got a hold of my new favorite cleaning tool…THE MAGIC ERASER…and went to town “erasing” everything throughout the house! And Corian countertops are amazing – you can even sand them down when they get too nasty. I was very close to convincing Andrew we needed a completely new counter/sink, etc…but a few hours later of sanding, erasing and installing and I’m a happy camper! We even found cute new knobs for all the drawers/cabinets. But since we need to drill extra holes that might take us another couple years before they’re actually on! It was a fun family work day!