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I was looking on one day and found cute LEG WARMERS!  I’ve been searching for some for baby sister, so when I found these online I was hooked –

Sophia happened to be sitting next to me and LOVED all the colors and styles.  It said that the same size could fit from newborn to 8yrs old!  So I told her she could pick out the styles and then she could share them with baby sister…she was SO EXCITED!!!  Little did I know they would also be a big hit for Oliver!  Once the package was opened they both immediately put them on and began posing!  Oliver later helped pick out some boy colors/styles, they should be here any day!
I now have two very cute stylish kids!  Sophia wears them almost everywhere we go and has invented her new style!! 🙂  I’m sure Oliver will do the same once his get here!