On July 3rd – we found a new pet at grandma and grandpa Anderson’s house –

Lizzie the Lizard!

IMG_0082.jpg, originally uploaded by The Bywaters.
Sophia was super brave and tried to catch it…but the Lizard was too fast!  Thanks to Aunt Amber and her great lizard catching skills we soon were all enjoying the new pet!
Elliot was very brave too – he didn’t like holding it for very long…but did a great job!
Oliver LOVED petting the Lizard!
Sophia was even brave enough to let the Lizard climb up her skirt, shirt and then onto her shoulder!!!
Before long, both Sophia and Oliver were brave enough to let the Lizard sit on their heads!!!  They both asked if we could keep Lizzie, but since neither Andrew or I even wanted to touch the Lizard, we decided that having one as a pet probably wouldn’t work in our house!  So we settled on it staying at grandma and grandpa’s house and we could come and visit her!!
I love my kids and how much they love to explore new things!