Robyn and I have both sworn – that when we search for a new house one day – if it has ANY bamboo…..we will not EVEN go inside.  We’ve rented an excavator to dig all the way down along the edge of the property to try to block it from coming in….but, that didn’t cut off the 100’s of full roots that began sprouting…so, over 2 weeks we watched as new growth would shoot up – and then we’d follow the line of shoots and dig up the extra long roots underground.  

We finally rented a roto-tiller and churned up the ground of our ENTIRE backyard – raked out some more roots, grass, weeds, etc…got rid of the bumps and pits in our yard – and laid down the seed for a brand new lawn.  LET’s hope that’s the end of the bamboo – at least while we’re living here!!!