IMG_2116, originally uploaded by The Bywaters.

Robyn being the sneaky wife she is, had to bite her tongue and buy me two presents this Father’s Day so I wouldn’t find out she had already gotten me stuff! I have been wanting to get a better lens for portraits/indoor/etc…and to basically replace the SUB PAR lens that came with our camera. So, I talked her into this one –

EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

I already LOVE IT! The depth of field it can produce is CRAZY…and this photo of Robyn was taken handheld/ no flash/ with just one lamp turned on! We’ll obviously have to take more care with what we focus on…’cause honestly at the highest aperture you could focus on someone’s nose and the rest of their face would be blurred…can make for some nice effects…but, then can close down so absolutely EVERYTHING in the image is in focus. It will be really fun to have on our upcoming sailing trip!!

So…the secret father’s day present she was hiding…well…I’ll have to talk about that when I get the pictures up on flickr!

A couple more sample pics:

running SOPHIA

Spider WOMAN

Watching V-ball