To start October off we celebrated OLIVER’S 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!

He was SO excited to have a birthday even though he’s stepping down a year…he always tells everyone that he’s FOUR and now he’s THREE!!!

We had his favorite birthday breakfast…chocolate chip muffins and crepes w/ nutella & berries! 🙂

Sophia & Elliot were very cute giving Oliver their gifts.  A miniture Alligator from Sophia, metro-trains from Elliot and a tent from mommy & daddy…his three FAVORITE things!!

Sophia was very cute making fun games for Oliver’s birthday party!  Above is a metro-train she made for “pin the person on the train”…she then drew each person that was coming to the party!  Oliver LOVED his train game, his favorite part was putting all the people on, but wanted nothing to do with being blind-folded!  It was really funny to have Sophia spin all of Andrew’s school friends, they are always so good to our kids!  Another game Sophia made was “red light, green light”…she cut out red and green circles and taped them to straws…the kids loved this one too!  I love my creative kids!!!

The night ended with a HUGE piece of yummy chocolate cake…my boys favorite!!!