Sophia just had her 2nd dance recital last Monday – June 4th. She’s been taking dance now since September, every Monday morning and she loves it! She was so excited their costumes this time were blue…her second favorite color after pink! (it changes sometimes purple is her favorite, but blue is always second…she absolutely does not like green!) They were cute little outfits w/ sparkles. She looked darling in it!

dancing girl

Her class is a mix of TAP, BALLET, and GYMNASTICS. Ballet and Gymnastics are her favorite, but she is really good at all three. The poor girl has been wearing tap shoes that are too small for her little feet. Because I’m a mean mom and was determined not to have to buy ANOTHER pair (this is her second pair)…her feet have grown so fast in the last few months, so I made her wear them every week! She survived! But every time I took them off her feet they were completely mutilated! But we saved $25!


I LOVE to watch her dance. It reminds me of my many years of dancing and how much fun I had with my sisters. She LOVES dancing so it makes it even more fun to watch her learn new moves. Her favorite thing is to show us all the fun new tricks she can do. It’s amazing how well she catches on and remembers each step in their routine.

And just look at her she has PERFECT FORM!!!

perfect form


She tells us all the time that she’s the only one that can do this HOP-SKIP trick…she loves to show us…it’s really cute!


Sophia loves the freedom of the gymnastics and being able to try new things. She is getting really good at the uneven bars, and also loves the balance beam. She is a determined little girl to do them all alone! Her favorite part is when they pull out the blow-up trampoline! The kids get to lie on it while they blow it up, then practice all their jumping and rolling tricks. Someday maybe we’ll get a trampoline!:)

uneven bars

Here is a picture from her first dance recital with her friend Lyla. And again her favorite color!:)PINK!!

sophia and lila

Thank you for being my dancing princess. I love you so much and I hope you always have a desire to try new things and enjoy them!