We decided to really do up our LAST SPRING BREAK and take a trip down to Naples, FL to visit an old friend, and enjoy sometime FAR away from school and life! We also made a stop through Atlanta for a couple days to visit more friends and play!

My old baseball coach Steve has a design build construction/development firm down in Naples and is a potential after school location.  We made a trip to see it for ourselves and for me to shadow Steve for a little bit and see what kind of work he is doing down there.  And of course to enjoy the AMAZINGLY beautiful part of Florida.  I can’t get over how well taken care of we were down there…We were VERY spoiled with our own house just down from the beach, stocked with food/drinks/and freshly fallen coconuts!

We also got some Easter photos at the beach…although the distractions were WAY too much for our kids to actually look at the camera.  But, it’s still a good photo I think!

NaplesEASTERphoto.jpg, originally uploaded by The Bywaters.

Sophia and Oliver were in heaven…they each got to see/play with their favorite animals…Sophia got to ride horses, Steve has a ranch where he boards horses of his own and others, and Sophia got a great private lesson.  She was SO excited and VERY brave doing it completely by herself.


and then Oliver’s favorite animal….

alligator reaction


We just jumped out of the car on our drive from Miami to Naples and saw probably hundred alligators along the side of the road.  We did read that you had a better chance of getting struck by lightning than being eaten by an alligator…so, that made us feel a little better!!

 We then stayed with Anderson’s in Atlanta for a couple days, just relaxing and playing…always a good time when we get to hang out with them!  We’re planning our next move, and hoping it will be closer to one another!

the kiddos