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We have been here almost a week and are in love with this place! One of my favorite things here is the cobblestone sidewalks and roads leading down the European streets. Although you have to watch your step as there are usually several stones missing or dog poop!

Andrew started school today and is loving that he doesn’t have to go into work before and after school. The kids love spending so much more time with him.

So far we have; moved into a beautiful three bedroom plus a loft apartment (the front door to our apartment)

Had a picnic on our balcony that overlooks the city

Enjoyed a day at ZOO Praha with our friends the Battaglia’s (Andrew’s professor and his family)

Attended church where we pretended to know Czech as we sang the hymns. We even got invited that evening for an American style dinner at a members home. The kids loved going to their new classes and making new friends. Sophia’s going to be a more fluent Czech speaker than the rest of us!

and traveled around on the trains/metros/buses seeing more of this beautiful city!! :)…by far the kids favorite thing!

All of us have adapted well to our new home and finally today I finished unpacking all our bags that we’ve been living in for the last month since we sold/moved out of our house…it feels great to finally be settled somewhere for a little while!

We will hopefully post more often now that we caught up on our sleep!