The history of Prague began with the construction of its castle in the 9th century.  After walking through Hradcany Square you arrive at the  Castle gate with two guards posted in front of the Battling Titans statues on either side of the gate.  You then pass through Matyasova brana (Matthias Gate), it is the oldest Baroque building in Hradcany Castle.

The first thing that caught our eye, and that Sophia thought was the actual “castle” is Katedrala sv. Vita (St Vitus’s Cathedral)…it’s beautifully detailed and enormous!   (Neo-Gothic Western facade)

Just a few of the gargoyles…!

South facade

Me with my little Elliot…with St Vitus’s Cathedral in the background and a view of the Castle courtyard.

The line to go inside the cathedral was WAY too long, so the kids enjoyed playing in the courtyard and taking turns pushing and riding in the stroller!!

(Another beautiful Palace…I can’t remember all their names!  But it was one of Sophia’s favorites…yes of course because it’s PINK!!!)

More of Prague Castles beautiful grounds…the palaces, etc…

Cutest boys…love them so much!!  In the background is Daliborka (Dalibor Tower).  We’ve picked up an extra boy, that LOVES to ride in the back of the stroller, the Battaglia boys are so fun to explore this city with!  (Sophia and Paul Thomas are watching the workers as they’re digging for treasure under the cobblestone roads!)

As we walked over to the Castle Gardens, we came upon this really cool building!

Behind us is a view of Mala Strana and on the other side of this little wall is the Castle gardens and vineyards…it’s so beautiful here!

I love the hidden walkways and paths…Oliver walking down with Laura Battaglia.

Castle vineyards on the side of this hill…

After walking around all morning we took a break at a cute cafe…the kids LOVED having their own table!

Oliver & Oliver

Sophia & Paul Thomas

We had a WONDERFUL time at Prague Castle!  The buildings, landscapes and views across the city are so beautiful and amazing!