Sophia Petrin hill

We finally (a couple weeks ago on the 22nd of september) made the hike (well…freaky steep tram ride) up to Petrin Hill.  It hosts an exact replica of the Paris Eiffel Tower – just 1/3 the size.  Oliver and Sophia both were our SUPER climbers…walking all the way up to the top without once asking to be held!!  The hill wraps around to the Castle and has pieces of the original wall that was built around the city of Prague back in the 1300’s.

Climbing up the tower were small look out stops where Sophia and Oliver posed…

sophia oliver petrin hill

and views of the castle and city were beautiful from the top.

petrin hill view

To squeeze a little more money out of us tourists…they set up a mirror maze…Robyn and the kids were able to do it 5x’s in about 6 minutes…the best part were the silly mirrors!sophia oliver petrin hill

At least for the moment…everyone was happy!

sophia oliver elliot