Well…we decided we didn’t want to be sitting eating dinner in July, and look at each other and say, “WHY ARE WE NOT GOING TO PRAGUE THIS FALL!?!?!” So, we bit the bullet and sent in our application, paperwork, fees, etc…to get on the list. We of course still have to be “picked”. But, seeing as how the person (and his family) who makes the decision came over to our house for dinner last night, I don’t think that will be much of a problem! And…how could you pass up seeing a view like this:

Prague Castle

We still don’t know a whole lot about Prague but, we’re very excited about the opportunity for both Robyn and I to make our first trip over to Europe. Prague is also very central to much of Europe, so, we hope to do some traveling to other countries/ cities while we are there for the 3 month semester, which will be my LAST!!! What a way to end, huh!! Which gets me even MORE excited that this is basically my “LAST” semester!! Everyone who’s been over to Prague rave about how much different “school” is over there! The whole point of going over is to be anywhere BUT stuck in studio working! It’s about getting out and seeing/ experiencing great architecture. Not to mention the school’s doors are LOCKED at 9pm, and not even open on the weekends (and seeing as how I’m writing this on a sunday afternoon from school, having come here straight from church….that would be SWEET!!)

Map of Europe

Well…Robyn just couldn’t hold her excitement in ANY longer. There are still a lot of details to work out, since I’m not the “typical” study abroad student…I’ve got a little extra luggage! Details like, where we’ll live, how to pay, if we’ll be able to eat, you know…the minor things! So…if anyone has been looking for an excuse to make a trip over to Europe…NOW’s your chance!! I know Robyn would love the company!!!

Prauge RIVER