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Can’t believe Sophia is pushing 9, Oliver pushing 6, Elliot still a bit from 5 and Isabel bearing down in 1 in NO ime at all!!! What happened to this last year? Well, one year ago today we were stil soaking up the sun in beautiful San Diego….now we’re just soaking wet from the nasty heat and humidity back here in the East. The push to get out West is still real…but, the timeline is still completely up in the air. Someday…we all hope!

We’re preparing for the worst as Oliver starts kindergarten in a couple weeks….he’s never been our “big” boy! Let’s see….up until about a year ago he cried every Sunday in Primary, we took him to a friends bday party….yup, cried there too, started swim lessons this week…you guessed it! didn’t even get in the water the first day….day two – got in because he has a very loving and thoughtful big sister who talked him into swimming after class was done. The crazy thing is…he’s an awesome swimmer. Not many 5 year olds can say they have rope swinged off the side of a boat and dropped about 8 feet to the water! Or jumped off the side of the boat into water where we had just seen shark fins! Anyway…the first hmmmmm, month of school is going to be a serious reality check for that boy! It’ll definitely be good for him….that is if he AND Robyn make it through alive!

Either way…our kids are pretty cute….even when they do cry!