So, for my Spring Break, we promised Sophia that we would go camping. Unfortunately, the weather is not the same as when we mentioned the idea. It was sunny and 70’s last week! It’s still pretty nice…but, down in the 30’s at night. So, Robyn had a pretty great idea…


Here they are! Campin’ out in the wild jungle of our own room! Sophia was VERY excited. But what topped it off was the MOVIE! “IT’S LIKE A TINY MOVIE THEATER!!” she said!

movie theater

And they snuggled in and watched…as if they were in the woods!

movie in the tent

and it all would have ended happily…BUT…Oliver wouldn’t stop tickling Sophia, Sophia wouldn’t stop talking, and Oliver wouldn’t lay down! So…the BIG BAD WOLF had to go back up and they are now happily snuggled next to each other in separate beds in Sophia’s room.