I was just wondering when the last time we actually posted something…and noticed it was about 4 days into the Fall semester…man how school takes over EVERYTHING.  The last two weeks have been especially crazy…working up to our first studio project pinup of the semester.  The project was to design a laundromat on the main street next to campus in an empty parking lot.  Here’s a couple quick pictures of my design idea.   Hopefully I’ll get some photos of my model soon…I HAVE to get them before Sophia turns it into a dollhouse, and decide to redecorate!interiorRENDERING

We were able to escape for 2 days during fall break and headed out camping.  First night to Umstead Park…about 20 mins. from our house…a neat park right in the middle of the “triangle”…Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill.  The kids LOVED it!!  Sophia wanted to stay for 60 days she said!  Unfortunately….Elliot wasn’t the greatest sleeper so…2 nights were plenty!!  We packed in all the fun we could thought…lots of dutch oven cookin’, s’mores, tin foil dinners, hiking, big fires, catching bugs, etc…  Then friday night we went to the Cliffs of  Neuse State Park.  Found a neat grassy spot surrounded by large bushes where we setup camp.  It was just the break and together time we all needed!

Check out some pics:

camping KIDS