Last weekend we went on a walk just in the neighborhood. Sophia and Oliver are both getting so good at their scooters. They have to take them with us every time we go on a walk!

sophia going fast

Sophia can go SUPER FAST on her scooter…and LOVES to show off all her new tricks. She keeps saying that when she turns FIVE she’ll get a scooter with only two wheels!

oliver scooter

Oliver is also very cute on his scooter. He tries really hard to keep up with his sister. If he gets too far behind, he’ll hop off and start pushing his scooter instead!

robyn big belly

Could this belly get any bigger!!!

tired of scooters

When the kids get tired this is how they get back home! Unless their on a walk with just me…then I end up pushing Oliver or carrying his scooter…and my determined Sophia only stops for small breaks and then she’s up and going again. We are loving the spring weather before it gets too hot and humid!