So, we’ve had our fair share of issues in our house – don’t get me wrong – we love our little house – and have definitely made it OURS. But, somewhere you have to draw the line. Is this it?!!?

We’ve had mice – which we’ve dealt with, mosquitos ALL OVER the backyard, we’re now battling teeny tiny ants, which hopefully we’ll soon win. BUT, we definitely were not expecting what Sophia has hiding in her hands in the picture below….

IMG_5101.jpg, originally uploaded by The Bywaters.


Robyn came down to the kitchen sunday morning and immediately saw what she thought was a mouse, again! To her surprise a frog leaped up and tried to hop away – in a rush to get to church on time – she quickly grabbed a glass bowl and trapped it to show me when we got home.

I’m pretty sure it won’t be back after the torture the boys put it through – jumping it on the trampoline, sticking it in their dump trucks and have it drive around the yard and poking at it until it just couldn’t jump any more. frog poke
Off to find the hole it climbed through! (hopefully it just came through the door that has been left wide open for the last week w/ the nice weather)