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We were so happy to have Aunt Amber visit us for a week! She for sure spoiled us:) She played with the kids (which included running from alligators, making forts, baking cookies, running super fast around with the kids on their bikes/scooters, going to museums, going to the library, going to parks, reading tons of books, playing cars, playing dolls, etc…), cleaned our house, did our mountain of laundry and kept me company! We are already missing her!!! We tried to offer her a full-time job as my nanny…but she decided her heart belonged to some boy in California!

I am so blessed to have sisters. Thank you for a wonderful week with you…we love you and miss you so much.

(Picture taken by Sophia!!! One of her many things she wants to be when she grows up is a photographer! She gets this natural talent from her daddy!:)