Another wonderful weekend in PARADISE….we’ve been trying to hit new spots each weekend – and each time – it turns out to be a GREAT new spot! This weekend we ventured up north a little bit – about 20 miles north of downtown to Solana Beach. Very fun spot. A super clean park at the top of cliffs that then ramp down to the beach. At the base is a small spot that is surrounded by tall 50-100 foot cliff walls w/ houses sitting RIGHT at the base…waves crashing into the sandy wall – would make me just a little nervous to site my house right there…but, the view is PERFECT! One of the highlights of the day was my brave Sophia! She really got the hang of boggie boarding. She was out in the middle of the waves all by herself. After every wave she caught she’d run over to me and say “This is the most fun EVER!” and then just crack up and run back in to the waves. It’s pretty fun having a little surfer buddy! She told me that if we move out here for good, she really wants to take surfing lessons. Hopefully that comes true!