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We had a fun birthday party for Robyn at a park near our house that has putt-putt golf, go carts, and other fun games…the best were the little race cars Sophia got to drive by herself…I was pretty surprised how good she was. Although the funniest was the little boy that passed her leaning way down in his chair pretending to talk on his cell phone, and then crashed into the wall ’cause he was watching Sophia instead of the road!!

putt putt

It took a little while…but, Oliver finally figured out that it’s easier to use 2 hands to hit with a golf club…he even figured out that it hurts Sophia more when he uses 2 hands!!

 short club

I think I did pretty well considering the club Robyn got me!

 birthday girl

The beautiful Birthday GIRL, and her boy.

too much stuff

I think next time, we’ll try not to bring so much stuff!!