Friday was our last day of preschool, at least with our friends…for a couple months! It’s been a lot of fun and I’m very thankful to my friend Laura for her inspiration. We used her ideas to start, and then once we started it was easy to keep going and think of millions of things to do with our kids. We’ve been doing it with two other friends – each have one child around Sophia’s age and then one younger then Oliver. So we took turns every third week we’d teach.

Sophia - Self-portrait

On Friday the kids finished up their Self-Portraits. They had a lot of fun doing these. Especially the tracing part! We started them during “Dd” week – on Drawing day. They finished them up during “Jj” week – our last day!

I love Sophia’s detail when she’s drawing. I hope she continues to always enjoy it as much as she does now. She did a good job cutting out her ears, hands and feet – she even added fingernails! I love how much she enjoys learning.