Andrew had the afternoon off from school earlier this week, so he gathered some friends; Michael, Jon and Geoff and we all went to Lake Wheeler to enjoy the beautiful day and go on our first SPRING SAIL! It took the boys a long time to get the Catamaran all set up. Then it took them even longer to remember how to sail!!!:)

boys sailing

It was a perfect day for sailing…Lots of wind, not too hot and hardly anyone else at the lake!

sailingAs they went around the corner here…They got stuck and almost went off the waterfall! They each took turns getting in the water trying to PUSH the boat in the right direction! I think at one point there were three of them in the water pushing…and they FINALLY got going again!

oliver in the sand

While we were waiting for our turn to ride on the boat, the kids played very happily in the sand and chased the birds and geese.

sophia in the sand

Finally after a couple hours of figuring out how the boat works…they decided the kids could go for a ride! Sophia and Oliver are both WAY too brave and jumped on the boat very excited for this adventure!

sailing babies

These are my super cute kids in their BOAT COATS!

sailing boys

almost crashing

After a long day of fun sailing the boys still didn’t figure out how to come into the docks without completely crashing!!! This is as they were pulling away BARELY missing the dock! I didn’t get a photo of the final landing…where Geoff almost lost a leg! But even with all these difficult stumbling blocks they seemed to have a lot of fun! And after I took the kids home they were brave enough to put up another sail! Then they all came back to our house for hamburgers and xbox games…it was a really FUN day!