When Elliot goes on a slide, it takes a LONG time for him to climb up to the top, he then hesitates for a little bit trying to decide if he should go down the slide or back down the ladder, but then once he decides to go down he’s so excited and happy as his little body slides down, but it’s over in seconds!  Luckily with a slide you can enjoy this experience over and over and over again until of course your parents get tired of sitting at a freezing cold park watching you slide down a million times in a row!  Lately I’ve been feeling like our time here in Prague is similar to going down a slide.  The preparations and hard work to get us here seemed to last forever, now we are enjoying the view from up high, knowing that soon it will be over in seconds!  Unfortunately we will not be able to enjoy this over and over and over again…so hopefully the MILLIONS of pictures we’ve been taking will help us feel like we’re on this Prague slide again! 🙂

I also feel like my kids are growing up so fast!  So here’s a quick summary of my babies so I won’t forget how absolutely cute they are…

Elliot Grant – will be 18 months this week!  He is the cutest little boy EVER!  He loves to follow his sister and brother around where ever they might go.  He especially loves playing “Kitty” and even will let them tie a leash around his waist and pull him throughout the house!  He also loves to play monster and chase his brother and sister all around the house.  He is following quickly behind his big brother with his love of cars, trains, buses, etc…  He is constantly pointing out “Carrr, Choo-Choo’s and Buh” since there are tons  here it keeps him busy!!!  He also loves birds and dogs (we see them both often!)  He is quickly becoming a monkey climbing up and over everything.  His favorite game is hide-and-seek.  He will find a corner or closet and sit in there without making a sound.  He loves to read books and repeat what we read to him.  I love the way this little boy talks…especially when he says “I love you, dank you, mommy, dadty, ophie, & ollie”…it’s the sweetest sounds ever!  I am thankful for the joy he brings us every day with his sweet smile and love of life.  I love how aware he is of the simplest things.  I love this little boy!

Oliver Andrew – just turned 3 at the begining of October but wants to be 4!  He is also the cutest boy EVER!  His favorite color is still green.  His favorite thing here is riding the trains and after we get off he absolutely has to watch the train drive away, it’s very cute!  His other favorite thing is racing…he is super fast and some how he always has enough energy to run and jump off everything in sight!!!  He is very proud that he can stand to go pee…!!!  He has such a good memory…(just like his sister used to do) he memorizes stories and can read them back to us word for word!!  He knows all of his colors, shapes and can count to 20 and loves to sit and do school!  He LOVES to play almost anything with his sister, but his favorites are; store, house, cars, alligator, monster, etc…he has an amazing imagination!  He also loves to play cars with his brother and teach him how to do things!  I love the sweet smile and excitement for life this boy brings into our family.  I love this boy!

Sophia May – will be 6 the end of November! She is the cutest girl EVER!  Her favorite color is still pink.  Her favorite thing to do is to make little books…her stories are VERY cute!  She loves reading to her brothers and to us.  She loves to draw, just like her daddy!  She is eager to learn new words in Czech.  She thinks she is fluent in Czech, Spanish and Sophia Language…she will carry on a converstation for hours:)  She loves to play store and has turned our 3 level apartment into a mall…including a newly added grocery store in the loft!!!  She also loves to dress up especially when she goes “shopping” in mommy’s clothes!!  She loves to play house, Oliver is usually the son and Elliot the baby or kitty.  She loves to go in our office…where she does her “work” and has her singing lessons (singing into the fan!) she makes books, tickets, and lists and plays bumper cars with Oliver!  She is excited to get into a real kindergarten class, but it’s been so much fun being her teacher for a few more months!  I love her eagerness to learn new things and her desire to make others happy.  I love the sweet smile and excitement to try new things this girl brings into our family.  I love this girl!

I am so thankful for this little family Andrew & I have been blessed with and pray that we can be good parents and teach them by example.  It has been amazing being here together and I know that we have grown stronger as a family because of it.