We had a more successful day yesterday looking for our house in the DC area.  Just a little more tough (and usually depressing) than searching in either Raleigh or Richmond ever was (and WAY more work on our poor realtor!!).

Anyway…we now have 2 houses we want to put an offer on: One in Rockville, MD and one in College Park, MD.  It’s been funny as we have been making a list of pro’s and con’s…they are polar opposites!  Rockville – expensive/has potential for profit/needs work/wonderful school/neighborhood ; College Park – cheap/not sure about resale/beautifully maintained -movein ready/sketchy Prince George school/questionable neighbors….but, nice quiet street/cul-de-sac – city park around the corner, and big county park w/ bike trail through the woods around the other corner.  All of this said…the decision may be made for us by the bank not accepting a lower offer which we will need to offer the Rockville house to be able to afford to live and fix-up the house.  So, the decision is on!


Rockville, MD house

College Park House:

(June 3rd) – After praying and thinking about it, we decided to make a low offer on the College Park house…and THEY SAID YES! We close July 15th! Yippy!!! We are so excited, it’s really such a cute house and will be perfect for our family! Now everyone can come visit us!!!