This is a TRUE Czech puppet show.  Everything was hand made from the wooden stage to the wooden props & puppets!  It was REALLY COOL to see!  These three guys acted out the story, the only one really visable was the one standing.  The other two were helping with props, acting as the wolf (an oven mit with eyes), and creating the theme music!!!  Yes it was all in Czech, but since we know the story, we could follow along pretty well.  I’m sure we were missing out on all of the really good jokes, the crowd of kids and adults were laughing most of the time and we were just watching quietly wondering what he said!!  The kids were a little surprised when the wolf gobbled up the first two pigs!  And laughed in the end when the last pig gobbled up the wolf! :)  We love being here to have all of these wonderful adventures and see so many different things!