Hello!! I still miss you and wish you could come here too!

Yesterday was a great but hard day. It was really fun to see so many of my cousins and to honor my grandpa. Only 2 of his 25+ grandkids were not able to come. Your Grandpa told some really great stories about what an amazing man your Great Grandpa was. I will try to remember them and tell them to you when I get home! We then went to the cemetery where he was buried. Grandpa dedicated his grave with a prayer and we said our last goodbyes.

grandpa's funeral

We were very close to the temple where Mommy and I were married. It is in Bountiful, Utah. It looks like a princess castle!

bountiful Temple

We also were able to see where your other Great Grandpa Lundgren was buried while I was on my mission. It was my first time seeing it. You can see from Grandpa Lundgren’s grave to Grandpa Bywater’s grave. Grandma Lundgren joked that it’s a good thing Grandpa Bywater is tall so she can find someone she knows.

Lundgren grave

I also got to finally meet your newest cousin, SAMUEL (“SAM”) TAKEMOTO. He’s a VERY cute little baby! It got me excited for your new little brother that’s on his way!

baby sam

We were also VERY lucky to then get a special guided tour of the new Conference Center for the Church. One of the church’s architects that was part of the design of the Center took us up on the roof to show us the amazing “GREEN ROOF” that they have. You would NEVER know you were on top of a roof up there. They wanted it to feel like you were up in the mountains, and it REALLY feels that way.

meadow on green roof

see the rest 

The architect told us that if we come on March 23rd, the sun will set directly WEST. And this fountain is pointed that way. The sunset is framed in the opening of the tower at the end! I’m sure it’s beautiful.

green roof conference center

From the top of the Center you can see across to the Salt Lake City Temple. The amount of detail in that building is so beautiful. Amazing they were able to construct that with the old tools they used.

salt lake temple

The architect also took us to his office where they showed us some renderings that they are working on. Pretty AMAZING stuff. I didn’t get a photo of that, but, they had photo versus rendering comparisons, and it was VERY difficult to tell which was the real image. They also had many phyisical models, most of them had been plastic printed in many pieces to interchange various design solutions. He also showed us the Interiors library which MOMMA would have LOVED!

interiors library

When we got home, Grandpa gave me a present that MY grandpa had for me. It was his set of drafting tools. Grandpa said he remembers his Dad using them for various projects.

grandpa's drafting tools

We then headed to “TASTY’S” donuts, the greatest donuts EVER! (KRISPY KREME IS NOTHING!!) But it was CLOSED!!!! So, we found the next greatest donuts (voted best donuts in SLC last year! And I agree!) And CHOWED DOWN!!


So…it was a long fun day! I really wish you could have been here! I miss you, and will see you soon! BYE!