Sophia and Oliver were VERY cute on Valentine’s Day helping make dinner and set the table. As we were trying to decide what to drink Sophia found the snow-cone syrup in the fridge and said we HAD to have it since it was RED!

So we pulled out the snow-cone maker and they had so much fun crushing the ice (Oliver has the cutest expressions these days!) and then pouring the syrup on! (Andrew choked it down saying it was too similar to the WARM TAMPICO he had on his mission in Phoenix, AZ…and quickly grabbed water instead:)

Sophia was also SUPER cute and STYLISH in her new apron from Aunt Amber. Andrew was laughing at me as I was telling her to be careful and not get anything on her apron! I said it was a flour and sugar ONLY apron, not RED SYRUP snow-cone apron:)

We had a wonderful family Valentine’s dinner. I am so blessed to have such a perfect little family. I love you all.