I really can’t believe Sophia was EVER this little!  She has always been the “BIG GIRL”.  First in the family, first baby in our circle of friends, she walked and talked very early – she just NEVER seemed little!  This video CRACKS me up to watch now!  (2) reasons –

  • back then her “trade-mark” move was to do something funny/special and then bow her head and say “THANK  YOU, THANK YOU”.  Always cracked us up!
  • And even today – Sophia still has her own language.  Just ask her!  She’ll respond w/ amazing speed and clarity in a totally foreign language – full of rolled “R’s”, harsh throat noises, etc…  She picked up a lot of new sounds while we were in Prague.  It’s GREAT!
  • oh yeah…and she still wears that blue shawl in the EXACT same way!  hahahah

I love that silly GIRL!