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we’ve already been here 13 days and counting…and we are already hoping it NEVER ends!!

I’m working on the San Diego Courthouse that is under construction now – and Robyn and the kids are working on their tans and finding the best way to bring as much sand as possible into every inch of our house! Last night I took the kids to the beach after dark to look at the stars and the planes flying overhead, there beds this morning were COVERED in sand!! hahah…

We are living in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I’ve ever seen…we’re on Coronado Island – just across the Bay from downtown San Diego. We found a house right in the middle…a couple blocks east to the bay and ferry to get to work – and a couple blocks west and you hit the beach. here are some pics.

We’ll be here at least until 1st of June…but, are definitely hoping it lasts as long as possible!!