Three kids

So…I know I’m a little biased, but, I must say…Elliot is one CUTE kid… Oliver is a CHEESEBALL, and Sophia is my “BEST BUDDY”!

We’ve been holding out posting pictures of Elliot ’cause I’ve been playing around with an animation to announce his birth…so, I guess this will be the “INFORMAL” announcement…and the “FORMAL” announcement will come soon (hopefully!).

Anyway…with that excuse out of the way…I guess I should elaborate a little more on the event.

Elliot Grant Bywater was born on 05.06.07 (nice and easy to remember) @ 2:22 a.m. – weighing in at 8lbs. 7 oz and 22 in long…making him the heaviest and tallest of the bunch! He’s a healthy little baby!!

So…Saturday morning, Robyn began complaining about her contractions…me being the busy student with my final presentation two days away said…HOLD IT!!  (well…I hope I wasn’t that rude)  At about 2pm I talked to her from school and told her I decided I had done everything I needed to that had to be done at school and that I’d be home around 4pm.  At about 3:30…robyn called and said…I hope you’re leaving right now…’cause we need to GO!!!  So, I hurried home, we took some final pictures of her belly, and off we drove, not in too big of a hurry.  Get to the hospital, hang out awhile, and the doctor finally says, go home and enjoy your saturday evening.  So, that’s what we did…ran over to COOKOUT, got a big bacon cheeseburger (Robyn’s request), some fries, onion rings, and a mint oreo milkshake…I’m pretty sure that’s what made the rest of the night so exciting!

We get home to a disappointed Sophia, who thought she was going to have a night alone with her grandma.  I get back to work on my school stuff, and Robyn, VERY uncomfortable, watches a movie.  As the credits roll at about 12:30, we head up to bed, lie down…and Robyn says, I JUST GOT REALLY WET!!!  I look down, and our ENTIRE bed is SOAKED!!!  In about 5 mins we’re out the door flying down I-440 at about 95mph, we get to the hospital at 1:45am…sunday morning, and after about 15 mins. of real pushing…Elliot is born at 2:22am!!  Robyn is one TOUGH woman!  She did the entire thing with absolutely no medicine.  It all happened much faster than anyone could have imagined.  But…the most crazy thing, is…now just a couple days later, we walked at least 3-4 miles around Pullen Park here in Raleigh, in search of the perfect photo of our THREE KIDS!  Everyone is healthy, happy, and HOME!  The link attached to the picture above has a lot more pictures of the hospital and we have more that we’ll hopefully post soon.