I guess there is a theory out there that if a woman’s pregnant belly protrudes out REALLY far, you’re having a boy. We were confronted by a woman at Gymboree who called out Robyn’s belly, as a “BOY BELLY”. I think her big belly is pretty cute! I love how from behind…there isn’t even the slightest idea that she’s pregnant…and then in profile…WATCH OUT!!!

belly at lake wheeler

robyn's belly

Sophia and Robyn

See…you can’t even tell she’s pregnant!

She had some pretty sweet poses while she wasn’t watching me photograph her, so, I put a couple together…

robyn's pregnant poses

That morning, Oliver also got his first haircut by the razor! He LOVED it…he must have liked the virbrations, ’cause he’d push his head back real hard against the razor moving all around. He was fine until we stopped the razor and pulled out the scissors. I had to clamp his head down with both arms, while Robyn went in with the scissors. He wan’t very happy about that part! But, I think his hair was appreciative!

oliver's haircut

After the battle with the scissors and the geese at the lake…he was a tired boy, and seems to agree that our new bench/chairs/shelf/couch is an excellent place for a nap!

oliver's nap